Why Harvest Needs a New Assistant Pastor

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Update 2/5/18: Praise the Lord! We called Andrew Lightner to come as our new assistant pastor.

As we (the elders) have considered where we have come in the past eighteen months, we have rejoiced over the way that the Lord has blessed us. We have listened to God’s word together, prayed together, received Christ’s sacraments together, rejoiced together, and wept together. We have received 47 new members in that time (32 in the last year alone!) as we have embraced our identity as a church with many stories united as one body in Christ. It’s an exciting time for our church as God leads us forward.

Growth: Opportunities and Needs

The further up and further in we journey together, we are recognizing the need for an assistant pastor to help in the work of shepherding and leading the congregation. As we search for an assistant pastor, we are specifically looking for a man whose strengths and gifts complement Jacob’s. Jacob’s gifts and strengths are in preaching and planning the big picture of vision for where the Holy Spirit is leading us at Harvest.

For the new assistant pastor, then, we hope to find someone whose gifts lie instead in the details of pastoral ministry: organizing, prioritizing, and communicating our church’s vision for ministry. This role would include the responsibilities to:

  • Set, manage, and guard priorities for how to execute Harvest’s vision for making disciples
  • Manage the details of ministry and organizational infrastructure (staff, ministry teams, policies, building, finances, etc.)
  • Oversee the training and development of leaders to help in the work of ministry at Harvest
  • Communicate details about Harvest’s ministry inside and outside the church
  • Preach occasionally; teach, lead worship, and administer sacraments regularly

The Process to Call a new Assistant Pastor

An assistant pastor is called by the session (our elders) and approved by the presbytery (our regional overseeing body of elders). Additionally, the elders have asked Perry Stupfell, Kim Vennerstrom, and Rachel Papik to serve as non-voting advisory members with our session for this search process so that we can get a broader perspective on the best man for the job.

When Jacob attended General Assembly, he talked to several people to ask if they might know good candidates, and he got a handful of names. Right now, we are also networking with other churches, pastors, and denominational contacts to try to find people we should be talking to about this call. We will then sort through cover letters, resumes, questionnaires, and sample sermons to find a group of men to interview, and when we find the right candidate, the session will vote to extend the call.

Although it is best to keep the majority of this work confidential, we will keep you posted with as much information as we can, when we can release it.

The Role for the Assistant Pastor

As we search, please pray with us as we seek a man who is gifted in the details of pastoral ministry. We want the man whom God has chosen for Harvest, and we are depending on him to bring us that man.

Finally, if you know someone who may be a good fit, please have him contact us.