Sermon: The Treasurer of the Trinity (John 16:4b–15)

by Oct 8, 2017Sermons0 comments

In the previous two passages, Jesus seems to have presented starkly different accounts of what the disciples will experience after his departure. On the one hand, the disciples will grow through their union with Jesus to produce the good fruit of love (John 15:1–17). On the other hand, the disciples will face the hatred of the world coming at them in such ferocity that they will be tempted to fall away from Jesus (John 15:18–16:4a). How will the disciples carry on pursuing Jesus’ fruit of love rather than throwing in the towel? How do we who live today continue on after so many years have passed since Jesus’ departure? What real hope can we as Christians have for success in this dark world?

In John 16:4b–15, Jesus explains that he will equip his disciples. Of course, Jesus has spent the last few years equipping his disciples in person, but after his departure, he will equip them in a different way. Specifically, Jesus will send his Holy Spirit to equip his disciples. In part, this will mean that Jesus will send his Holy Spirit to expose the bankruptcy of the world. Additionally, this will mean that Jesus will send his Holy Spirit to enrich his disciples from Jesus’ own abundant treasury. By leading Jesus’ disciples deeper into the promises of the gospel in Jesus’ word, the Holy Spirit equips us to know Christ.