Sermon: Peace for Our Anxiety (Philippians 4:4-13)

by Apr 10, 2016Sermons0 comments

When we feel concern or discomfort about a situation, we are standing in the tension that exists between the way the world should be and the way it is. God created a world that functioned harmoniously and was the perfect habitat for people; but as a result of our rebellion, we live in a fallen world. This world still exhibits “echoes of Eden” that give glimpses of how it should be, and yet all we have to do is turn on the evening news, check an internet news website, or simply walk through a day in our own shoes to see that something is terribly wrong. Recognizing this is part of living life with clear eyes.

But we can often go deeper than simple concern or discomfort, into the area of anxiety. When we do this, we are forgetting something about the way the world works. We are forgetting the God who is there, who upholds us with his everlasting arms, who has promised to us that he will never leave us and that nothing can separate us from him. If we are God’s children–that is, if we trust Jesus and look to him for salvation and to guide our steps–nothing can befall us that, at the dopest level, can ultimately take away our security. Seeing that clearly is key. As we trust God the way a child would trust his or her father, he replaces our anxiety with peace.