Sermon: Making Final Preparations (Joshua 5:1–12)

by Jan 31, 2016Sermons0 comments

Do you ever worry that you are going to be left out? Living in a broken world, we face rejection and exclusion all the time, and sometimes our fears about being left out in this fallen world carry over to our fear of being left out of the kingdom of God.

Maybe you can relate the fears expressed in this Caedmon’s Call Song, “Prove Me Wrong”:

Sometimes I fear maybe I’m not chosen
You’ve hardened my heart like Pharaoh
And that would explain why life is so hard for me

And I am sad that Esau hated
Crying against what’s fated
Saying, “Father, please, is there any left for me?”

How does God address these fears? What does he do to confirm to us that he loves us, and that this isn’t some cosmic bait-and-switch game, but that Jesus Christ is really for me?