Sermon: How Long Will You Put Off Your Inheritance? (Joshua 18–19)

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Just as God walks in our midst, and dwells among us , so he tells us to exercise dominion in this world–but not in a way that lords it over others.  It means that we have a holy responsibility to live as sojourners & strangers in our land, and yet we have a responsibility to it. We are to be “in the world and no of it.” What does this look like in practice?

We see clues from how God commands Abraham to walk through the land of the Canaanites before his descendants took possession of it, and from the passage at hand in Joshua, in which we see those descendants commanded again to walk through the land and take it as the possession God has offered to them. (1) While we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, and face distractions, we are to worship the true God. (2) We are to deal honestly with others, regardless of their beliefs and regardless of whether they deal honestly with us. (3) We are to pray for the good of others, that God would cause them to flourish, and that he would have God would have mercy on them, to draw them to Jesus by faith.