Sermon: But God Remembered Noah (Genesis 8:1–19)

by Nov 27, 2016Sermons0 comments

Is the Bible just a book of rules which we must obey in order to please God? It is essential for followers of Jesus to walk in obedience to God, but if we get the basis and order wrong, we lose the Gospel, which means we lose everything. There is a basis for our obedience to God, and it starts with his faithfulness to us. We are not asked to blindly trust God. We are commanded to trust him and to walk in obedience to him based on the promises he has made to us and his faithfulness in keeping his promises.

It is on the basis of God’s faithfulness, and the promises God has made, that Noah obeys God in this passage. We see Noah patiently wait for God’s direction to leave the Ark after the water has receded. Then, when God commands Noah to act–to leave the ark–he does so, in precisely the manner he is commanded to. Noah obeys, but it’s not because Noah is a hero. Only God is the hero in this story, and it’s based on his faithfulness to his promises that Noah obeys. So too must we, for the same reason.