Sermon: Eyes on the Prize (Joshua 14-15)

by Apr 17, 2016Sermons0 comments

All of us are going to die someday, unless Jesus returns first. That is a sobering thought. How should we then live, in light of the sufferings of the present age? Should we “eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die”? Should we numb ourselves to our pain with alcohol or drugs, or by throwing ourselves¬†into our work?

The story of Caleb shows us what faithfulness means. As we delve into the story of Caleb’s inheritance, we see (1) the basis for Caleb’s confidence, (2) the reason for Caleb’s motivation, and (3) the scope and range of what Caleb finds valuable. In all of this, Caleb is not the hero. He points, instead, to¬†the Lord, who has provided for Caleb and will continue to provide for him. His example shows us what it means to walk faithfully by boldly trusting in the providence of God, and in his performance rather than our own.