Sermon: What is This That You Have Done? (Genesis 3:8-24)

by Oct 23, 2016Sermons0 comments

What did we lose when we rebelled against our father, the one who gave us life and provided everything we needed, there were profound and horrible consequences. As we follow the results of humanity’s first sin, committed by Adam and Eve, we see them become alienated from God, from their world–and each other–, and even from themselves. As we hear this description of the descent of the Fall, something striking happens: we begin to recognize our own world, properly described.

But our God is merciful as well as just. As we see him confront Adam and Eve, bring judgment against them and the serpent, and the resultant execution of his judgment, we see that even with this horrible turn of events God has planted a seed of hope: a savior is promised, who will ultimately defeat the dark force behind the serpent who tempted Adam and Eve. To pursue relationship with Adam and Eve after they rebelled, God would have to pay a severe price: he would ultimately pay for their sins himself.