Membership at Harvest

Joining our Church Family

Why Become a Member?

When a person joins a church, he or she is committing to a church family and committing to church leaders. Harvest takes church membership seriously because we believe that the Bible takes church membership seriously. To read more about why we value church membership, we invite you to read more.

How Do I Join Harvest?

There are ordinarily three steps to join Harvest. We invite you to check the calendar or contact the church to see when the next prospective new members dinner or inquirers class will be held.

Attend a Prospective New Members Dinner

Attend an Inquirers' Class or Watch the Membership Videos Below

Meet with the Elders of the Church

Membership Videos

Membership Vow #1

Membership Vow #2

Membership Vow #3

Membership Vow #4

Membership Vow #5