Important Information about a Change of Service Time at Harvest

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Edit 9/26/16: After some initial feedback, we are tweaking the starting time of our worship service to begin at 10:30am. Sunday School will still begin at 9:30am, and will conclude at 10:15am.

At our congregational meeting this past Sunday on August 14th, we discussed several important pieces of information that relate to the coming year; however, one announcement is particular important since it deals with the start times of our worship service and Sunday School hour..

Change of Service/Sunday School Times

After prayer, deliberation, and a lot of conversations with people here at Harvest, the elders have decided to switch the times of our worship service and our Sunday School times. So, starting September 11, 2016, here will be the schedule of Sunday morning events at Harvest:

  • 9:30am: Sunday School
  • 10:30am: Worship Service

Here are some of the reasons behind this change:

  • We want to encourage the conversations and fellowship happening immediately following the service to continue—even into lunch times. Right now, we are breaking those conversations up to get people to Sunday School.
  • Even so, Sunday School is starting very late, shortening the time we have for Christian education. By having Sunday School first, we could start on time, and people wouldn’t have to choose between fellowship and Christian education.
  • Unchurched visitors are more likely to be willing to come a bit later on Sunday mornings.
  • If we ever wanted to add a second service (not currently under discussion), we would need to change the service times anyway.

We are excited for a new season of worshiping our Triune God with you at these new times!

Although the change of service time is the most pressing information to communicate, there are a few other items that we discussed at the congregational meeting as well.

Small Groups

Small groups at Harvest are back! The Fall semester small groups will begin after Labor Day.

  • We would like to encourage every member at Harvest to join a small group.
  • 5/6 small groups will be offered on different nights of the week spread throughout the city.
  • Your small group will meet every two weeks, as they did this spring.
  • These groups are primarily for fellowship and prayer. Education is secondary.
  • You’ll be choosing your own small group (or you’ll get your second choice).
  • Your commitment will be to that small group for the fall ‘semester’ – From Labor Day through the end of the year.
  • You will have an opportunity to change or leave your small group at the end of the year, and recommit to your group, or a different group, for the spring semester in January.

If you are on the congregational email list, look out for an email this week (or we’ll call if you’re not an emailer) that includes more details and a sign up form.

Sunday School

In light of the changed service times, we would also encourage everyone to commit to attending a Sunday School class in the Fall. Our small groups are designed to facilitate fellowship, but our Sunday School classes are designed to facilitate education. The two are complementary, so if you can only do two things outside of Sunday worship, we would urge you to take advantage of small groups and Sunday School.

Also, we will be hosting a membership class in the Fall. If you are interested, please contact the church.

Fair Trade Sale

This coming Sunday (August 21, 2016), the women of Harvest will be meeting in the Fellowship Hall after the service to discuss the Fair Trade Sale taking place in November. There will be snacks, fellowship, and the chance to learn more about fair trade. This is a great opportunity for fellowship with other ladies at Harvest and to see how you might help impoverished people around the world.

Platte Valley Presbytery Youth Camp

Our presbytery (the regional group of churches in our denomination) will be hosting a youth camp for middle school and high school students over the weekend of September 23–25, 2016 at Camp Solaris in Firth, NE. Rev. Jonathan Cook (Asst. Pastor, Grace Central Church, Omaha), Rev. Adam Odell (Pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Lincoln), and Rev. Joe Choi (Asst. Pastor, Zion Church, Lincoln) will be the camp directors.

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