Harvest is Hiring an Assistant Pastor

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Update 2/5/18: Praise the Lord! We called Andrew Lightner to come as our new assistant pastor.

As mentioned earlier, Harvest needs a new assistant pastor. After months of prayer, planning, and consideration, the session of Harvest along with three at-large members of the Harvest congregation (one man and two women) have finished putting together the job description and the application materials for the position. Please pray as we seek the right man!

The full materials are included in the Assistant Pastor Position Overview and Harvest’s Church Profile Form. Here is a brief overview of the position from those materials:

Position Description

Harvest Community Church in Omaha, NE seeks to hire a full-time assistant pastor with gifts of administration, discipleship, and teaching that will complement the senior pastor’s gifts of preaching, leadership, and vision. The overall goal is that the senior pastor will be primarily responsible for creating, communicating, and protecting Harvest’s vision for making disciples of Jesus Christ, while the assistant pastor will be primarily responsible for organizing, implementing, and managing the details of that vision—all in coordination with the session of the church.

Qualifications and Qualities

  • Biblically qualified for pastoral ministry
  • Able to be ordained in (or have ordination transferred into) the Platte Valley Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America
  • Pastoral heart for administration, disciple-making, and mercy ministries
  • Gifted to teach, train, and make disciple-making disciples
  • Passionate about strategic planning and organization
  • Capable of managing staff and overseeing the details of ministry in the church
  • Effective communicator to staff, leaders, the congregation, and the wider world
  • Patient, steady, disciplined, and faithful temperament

Job Responsibilities

Administration (50%)

  • Setting, managing, and guarding priorities for how to execute Harvest’s vision
  • Managing and overseeing the details of ministry and organizational infrastructure (staff, ministry teams, policies, building, finances, etc.)
  • Communicating details about Harvest’s ministry inside and outside the church

Disciple-making and Leadership Development (30%)

  • Developing leaders over the long term to become disciple-making disciples
  • Overseeing and coordinating disciple-making ministries, including:
  • Recruiting and training teachers/leaders
  • Personally teaching classes and leading small groups

Preaching and Worship (20%)

  • Preaching 6–10 times per year; administering the sacraments as needed
  • Planning and leading liturgy 10–15 times per year in rotation with others

How to Apply

To apply for this position, please attach your cover letter, resume, family photo, MDF, and answers to the Initial Questions for Assistant Pastor Candidates to harvestpulpit [at] gmail [dot] com. Again, here are the links to the full documents for this position:

Application Deadline: September 30, 2017