The Core Values of Harvest Community Church

Over the last few weeks, the session has published vision statements about Harvest Community Church. Our Identity Statement is that we are Many Stories United as One Body in Christ. Our Mission Statement is that we exist for Making Disciples who Worship and Serve.

Those first two statements lay out who we are as a church, as well as what we are trying to accomplish as a church. Next, we need to lay out how we seek to go about upholding both our identity statement and our mission statement. How do we strengthen our unity within diversity? How do we fulfill our mission of making disciples who love God and love people?

The how question is answered through a statement of our church’s core values. Although the language attached to the core values outlined below may be new, the values themselves are not. These values reflect the best of what Harvest has been in the past, and they outline a vision for the best version of Harvest moving into the future. Some of these reflect strong, established, current realities, while others are more aspirational as we seek to follow King Jesus’ leadership.

Please pray that God would continue to work at Harvest both to preserve and to reform our church in the following ways.

Centrality of the Bible

We believe that God shepherds his people through his authoritative word, the Bible. We believe that the Bible bears witness to Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh. It renews our minds, shapes our desires, and trains us in godly wisdom. Therefore, the Bible directs everything we believe, say, and do.

Prayerful Dependence on the Spirit

We believe that true ministry is impossible apart from the power of the Holy Spirit, and we believe that true life comes only through intimately knowing the living God. Therefore, we give ourselves to prayer in private, in families, in disciple groups, and as a congregation.

Unity in the Body

We believe that the church is the body of Christ, made up of many members, so our racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity is a precious gift. We are committed to building a community characterized by grace, freedom, transparency, genuineness, and safety.

Equipping, Commissioning, and Sending

We believe that Jesus commands his church to make and send disciple-making disciples, so we are dedicated to equip the saints for ministering in their families, neighborhoods, and vocations through spiritual formation, Christian education, and leadership development.

Commitment to the City

We believe that God has planted Harvest in Omaha, so we long to see Jesus glorified in our city through discipleship and mercy ministries. We also seek to minister within our unique spheres of influence and to support church planting efforts across the metro area and the wider region.

Hope for the Nations

We believe that Jesus died to ransom people for God from every tribe, language, people, and nation. We are passionate about developing partnerships with global churches, sending and supporting missionaries, and making disciples in the midst of poverty through fair trade ministries.