Christianity Explored Class at Harvest

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Do you have questions about Christianity?

Maybe you’re wondering what Christians believe, or why Christians believe what they believe. For example:

  • Who is Jesus?
  • Why did Jesus Come?
  • What does Jesus mean for us?

Or, maybe you have tough questions about Christian, such as:

  • Can I really trust the Bible?
  • Hasn’t science shown that Christianity is wrong?
  • If there is a God, why does he allow suffering?
  • Wasn’t Jesus just a great teacher?
  • Why bother with church?
  • Isn’t believing in the resurrection ridiculous?
  • How can a loving God send anyone to hell?
  • Why are Christians so old-fashioned about sex?
  • Aren’t all religions basically the same?
  • Doesn’t becoming a Christian mean becoming boring?
  • Isn’t Christianity just something people use to control others?
  • Isn’t it arrogant to say one religion is the only right one?
  • Doesn’t Christianity just cause conflict?
  • I’m a decent person—won’t I be fine?
  • Does God even exist?

These are great questions! If you want to talk about these questions honestly and openly to learn more about Christianity, we want to invite you to a Christianity Explored class we are offering at Harvest during our Sunday School hour at 9:30am every Sunday at Harvest.

Ryan Anderson teaches this class, and it will last 45 minutes. Afterward, please feel free to join us for our worship service to learn more about Jesus.

Otherwise, if you have any questions at all, please contact us. We’d love to talk more with you about your questions about Jesus.