Children’s Sunday School

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August 26, marks the first week of Sunday school for the fall!  Sunday school begins at 9:30 every Sunday. We will not have Sunday school on November 25th.

Children’s Sunday School

We’re blessed to have several volunteer teachers willing and ready to invest in your children for each Sunday school class. In an effort to communicate relevant information leading up to Sunday school, we wanted to pass along the following details for the fall.

If you’re child is between the ages of 3-9, please drop off him or her in room #106 at the beginning of the Sunday school hour every week. For the first 10 minutes of class each week Allison Gerber and/or Kelsey Stupfell will lead a time of focused scripture memory and catechism through song. Please sign-in your child on their respective sign-in sheet in room #106.

After the first 10 minutes, your child will be led to his or her respective classroom(s) for the duration of the Sunday school hour, and that is where you can pick up your child at 10:15. If your child is in the 10-14 year old class, he or she can go directly to that classroom at the start of Sunday school rather than attending the first 10 minutes in room #106. For the fall semester, we have the following classes in place:

  • 3-4 Year Old Class (Room #106)
    During the fall, your child will learn several different Bible stories from the Old Testament. In addition to learning these stories, Scripture memorization will also be an important component of class every week.
  • 5-6 Year Old Class (Room #102)
    Using the Show Me Jesus curriculum, your child will explore what the Scriptures say about Jesus from the many powerful signs and wonders throughout the gospels.
  • 7-9 Year Old Class (Room #11)
    Your child will continue to explore Jesus using the Show me Jesus curriculum.
  • 10-14 Year Old Class (Room #10)
    Using the New City Catechism, your child will walk through a basic confession on what the Bible says about God, man, salvation, and so forth.
  • High School Students (Room #12)
    15-18 year olds are encouraged to attend the adult Sunday school class.

If you have any questions please contact Pastor Andrew. It is our privilege to invest in the children of Harvest!

Adult Sunday School

We have one adult Sunday school class for quarter 1, and one class for quarter 2. For the first quarter we’ll be reading and interacting with the book Servanthood as Worship. If you’d like to participate in this Sunday school class, and haven’t already signed up, you can do so by following this link: The adult Sunday school class meets in Room #12.