Adult Sunday School Classes for Spring 2017

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This Spring, we are excited to have three classes: one class on the Bible, another on theology, and a third on a topical issue. At Harvest, we value Christian Education as an important part of growing in our love for the Lord, so we would encourage you to find a class that sounds interesting and dig in.

Sunday School classes start this week at 9:30am before our 10:30am worship service.

The Classes for Spring 2017

For the Bible class, Brian Reid will be teaching through the Book of Proverbs. Join to study what God’s word has to teach us about godly wisdom in every area of our lives.

For the theology class, John Henderson will be teaching about Christian Living from John Calvin’s Institutes. This class will focus on the doctrine of the Christian life, but Calvin’s Institutes are also warmly devotional, touching your head, your heart, and (Lord willing!) your life.

For the topical class, Jon Papik will be teaching about Work & Vocation from Tim Keller’s Every Good Endeavor. Ever wonder why your work matters—or even whether your work matters to God? In this class, learn about God’s purposes for work, how sin frustrates our work, and how the gospel transforms our work.