Sermon: The Light of the World (John 8:12-29)

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As the division among the people surrounding Jesus continues to grow, the discussion naturally turns to the stakes of belief one way or another. If Jesus is nothing more than a crackpot, there is no consequence for dismissing him and even for putting him to death for the blasphemy of his claims. On the other hand, if Jesus is the true representative of the Father, then the stakes rise considerably. If Jesus is faithfully revealing the message and even the person of the Father, then rejecting Jesus is tantamount with rejecting the Father himself. Is Jesus a false witness, unable to back up his testimony beyond his own delusional thoughts, or is Jesus the light of the world, giving the light of life to those who follow him? Furthermore, how can we know the truth, one way or another? Although Jesus gives many proofs to back up his claims, God’s light gives life and indicts darkness most clearly at the cross.